The following facilities are used to supply the electrical energy needed by the equipment, to purify the water used by the devices, to produce steam to keep the tanks and material transfer pipes warm, and to supply the compressed air needed by the production units, as well as to supply the gas consumed by the entire factory.

1. A separate unit of high voltage substation with a capacity of 2 MW and electrical control panels using European standard panels and equipment.

2. Water purification unit using sand filters, active carbon and reverse osmosis (R.O) device to supply water without hardness for boilers.

3. Three boilers with a capacity of 15,000 tons per hour.

4. Four compressors with a production capacity of 9000 cubic meters per hour of compressed air and a complete compressed air stabilization system and air dryer for use in production units.

5. A compressor device only to provide air for instruments and laboratories.

6. Carrying out 30,000 inch-diameter industrial piping to transfer raw materials, products, steam, air and gas to different parts.

7. An emergency power generator device to provide power with a capacity of 600 kva, which can meet the needs of the entire factory.

8. Dedicated gas pressure reduction station with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters per hour.