All necessary tests in the stages before production, during production and after production are carried out in this unit using advanced devices with new and up-to-date technology according to international standards on all types of products manufactured by this company.

Due to the specialization of the target markets and the use of the products produced by this company in the construction of road asphalt, the laboratory of this company, in addition to the 9 conventional tests of bitumen (Penetration Grades), has the necessary ability to perform other tests related to other grades including (Viscosity Grades) , Performance Grades, Modified Bitumen) by fully automatic machines.

Our laboratory unit is the beating heart of the quality control of manufactured products, which has performed a wide range of quality control tests to ensure that our products meet the required specifications and international standards.

Due to the provision of special standards by customers in different countries, we remind our respected customers that all the tests mentioned in the standards are carried out in the laboratory unit of this company.

In the laboratory unit of Energy Avand company, with the presence of the research and development team of the R&D company, we also carry out special research and development activities to improve the quality of our products and develop new products that meet the evolving and new needs of our customers, and continuously work on We have invested in our facilities and laboratory equipment and provide the best possible services to our customers.